Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dwarka Expressway: The Land Of Urban Estate

Development is on the rise! Specifically while considering NCR, one can see a number of upcoming commercial projects. With a lot number of businesses coming to set up shops in India, NCR is an opportunity they cannot ignore. And amongst the development that is happening in the NCR region, Dwarka Expressway is the one that is seeing the most of it currently.

The land prices have grown exorbitantly during the last few years and still they continue to do so. Which is a clear mark of the developmental change happening on the Dwarka Expressway, one can witness. Apart from that Dwarka Expressway is buzzing with a large number of commercial and residential projects. Alongside, with a proposed metro station and Airport in the near vicinity makes Dwarka Expressway a viable option for upcoming businesses in terms of accessibility.

Out of the new developing projects on Dwarka Expressway is AMB group’s most ambitious project: Selfie Square, which brings about Generation Z’s approach towards business. With the combination of high-style retail zone, entertainment zone, food zone and commercial/office spaces under a single umbrella, Selfie Square is truly a one-of-its-kind commercial project. Making it an exceptional business/investment opportunity. Besides the project has a location that’s surrounded by residential projects and is close to the airport and the proposed Metro station. Turning it into the kind of realty/investment opportunity everyone looks forward to!

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Realty: The Development Perspective

With BJP coming to power, the government has been focused on 3 I’s – Infrastructure, Interest reduction and Income generation. It can be seen easily that the Central Government has been taking a keen interest in the real estate sector. And it is quite evident that it has understood that enhancements in real estate can provide a stimulus for growth across various sectors, giving a rise to tremendous employment opportunities and thereby boosting the entire economic outlook of the country. With several infrastructure and real estate initiatives mentioned by the BJP in its manifesto, a boom in the realty sector can be easily seen.

Besides, Prime Minister’s ‘Make In India’ initiative, will be a major game-changer for quick industrial growth, thereby attracting a lot of development on the infrastructure front.  Seeing this a great number of   business parks and jobs can be easily anticipated. Now, with the India Shining sentiment making a decisive comeback, more opportunities will arise in office space transactions. And the effect of the above can be easily seen in the NCR region. Along with the infrastructural development the brand new Dwarka Expressway can be seen. Ranging from commercial to residential projects, entire Dwarka Expressway is without a doubt the next business destination.
Amongst the upcoming projects in that area, there is the AMB Group’s most ambitious project: Selfie Square. A one of its kind project offering office spaces, entertainment zone, Food zone, and high street retail zone and boutique hotel under a single roof. Which truly suits and caters to the needs of generation. Besides the project is closely surrounded by a number of residential spaces, is in close vicinity to the proposed metro station and just a few minutes drive from the airport. And all of this certainly makes Selfie Square the next big investment opportunity.
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Friday, 31 October 2014

Dwarka Expressway: Opportunity is on the rise!

Gurgaon in quick time has become the prime center for businesses of late. A number of businesses have opened shops/offices/headquarters here. And the growth is on the rise. The reason can mainly be attributed to the location: that makes it really accessible from Delhi, the capital of India and because of lack of organized spaces in Delhi. And as it happened, the city of Gurgaon saw the kind development that’s truly global in terms of infrastructure; one of the most important things that facilitates a business. Now, as India is seeing real time business growth/investments in the near future the growth and development in Gurgaon is pretty much on! With more businesses to come it’s really a good sign for the realty sector. And as they say realty is all about foreseeing the opportunity and making the right investment at the right time.

It’s certain that investing in commercial real estate requires forethought, research and planning. Both in terms of business potential and returns on investment, the highest value lies in a prime location. The factors that make a location prime are a function of its overall accessibility within the city, the quality of infrastructure that supports it, the saturation of high-profile companies represented there and the overall quality of buildings in the sub–market. And considering the above, Dwarka Expressway is becoming the next big prime location and a real good investment/business opportunity. With lots of residential and commercial projects coming up there the Dwarka Expressway is blooming greatly in terms of organized infrastructure.

And amongst one of the great projects coming up there is the AMB Selfie Square at sector 37D, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon. A one-of-its–kind commercial project that offers modern office spaces, high style retail zone, entertainment zone, multiplexes at a single place. The Selfie Square truly represents the working environment for the Generation Z. And moreover with a sweet location that is near to the proposed metro station; is a few minute drive from the airport and surrounded by a bundle of upcoming residential projects, makes AMB Selfie Square quite the next big investment opportunity that one shouldn’t miss.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dwarka Expressway- The Next Business Destination

With construction of the Dwarka Expressway on in full swing, it is likely that it will be complete by 2014-15 and therefore an immediate boost to residential and commercial real estate projects in the region can be easily anticipated.

Moreover, an increasing number of MNCs and top Indian corporates in Gurgaon coupled with the limited availability of residential sectors in Gurgaon and Delhi will result in the Dwarka Expressway emerging as an attractive option for both investors and end users.

Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway, aka NPR (Northern Peripheral Road), is a Huda (Haryana Urban Development Authority) project specially designed to ease traffic rush on the already operational NH-8 (Delhi-Gurgaon-Jaipur Expressway). The New Dwarka expressway will be an 18km long state of the art road with a width of 150 meters, which will connect NH-8 at Kherki Daula to Dwarka. Not just this, more than 33,000 houses along with a huge number of commercial/business spaces, with an estimated sale value of multiple thousand crores, are under construction in different sectors along the Dwarka Expressway.

With this all exciting development underway along the Dwarka Expressway, the AMB Group, a new age realty company, has come up with their most ambitious project: AMB Selfie Square. Through this new project the group wants to take the realty sector to newer heights by offering modern working spaces, retail zones, clubbing zones, entertainment zones all under a single roof. And without a doubt with their expertise in the realty sector Selfie Square is going to be the next preferred shopping as well as work junction!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The land of promising business opportunities: Selfie Square, Sector 37D, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon

AMB, the real asset builders of Delhi have come up with one of their most ambitious projects: The Selfie Square, a one-of-a-kind Business Hub on the Dwarka Expressway. And believe it, the beautiful and mindfully crafted peace of architecture has opened a new world of business opportunities. AMB Selfie Square is spread across 4 acres with a total saleable area of 4 lac sq.ft. Located in a strategic area right on Dwarka Expressway and surrounded by 1000 acres of residential development, Selfie Square offers an ideal business environment. Be it your requirement for a lucrative retail or modern workspace, it offers a complete package of excellent location and best of amenities.

Offering a number of fun, entertainment and work spaces, the Selfie Square is all set to redefine professionalism and is poised to bring about a positive transformation in the way people play, live and work.
In case you’re wondering this is what Selfie Square has to offer:

High-street Retail: For an eclectic shopping experience like never before 
Food Zone: For savouring the world served on a platter, like never before
Club Lounge: For enjoying the party to the fullest and staying young at heart
Spa & Fitness: To revive your mind, body and soul 
Multiplex & Leisure: To enjoy the magic of movies like never before
Modern Work Spaces: To change the dynamics of mundane working and to bring more productivity.

Situated at a premium location on Dwarka Expressway with all facilities/amenities and major rail and airport terminals within reach, the vibrant and lively Selfie Square is going to be the preferred shop and work junction. And a land of promising business opportunities!

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